Smart Music Flowerpot
  • Smart Music Flowerpot
  • Smart Music Flowerpot
  • Smart Music Flowerpot
  • Smart Music Flowerpot

Smart Music Flowerpot

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Smart Music Flowerpot Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Stereo Sound Night Lamp Music Pot -White

Music play mode

It is a smart pot that can play music, in which you can plant any plants you want. Water them, take care of them, and experience a wonderful burst of different notes by touching the leaves of plants, as if you were playing a plant piano.
Night light mode
The colorful night light is warm, making you feel relaxed before your bedtime.
Bluetooth speaker mode
Connect the flowerpot with your phone, tablet or other such devices via Bluetooth (Bluetooth name: K3), so that you can enjoy any music you like. The atmospheric light will follow the rhythm. 
Sleep mode
Under sleep mode, power will automatically shut down if there is no other operation within ten minutes.
Wide compatibility
Built-in Bluetooth V3.1 allowing a powerful connection range that can be up to 10 meters in open areas. It is compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices.
A special gift
A great gift for your partner, children or parents. Whether a wedding or birthday party, the office or your house, it's appropriate for almost any location or occasion.


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